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A Checklist of
on British Railway
and Light Rail Systems

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These listings provide a brief history, together with details of all known placements, of electronic or computer based ticket issuing machines used on British Rail/National Railways, London Underground and other Light Rail transport systems in the UK.

Each file gives details of one machine type, starting with a brief description of the machine followed by a listing showing location, machine numbers and introduction dates, where known.

The files in this website are based on 'A Checklist of Electronic Ticket Issuing Points on British Railway and Light Rail Systems' by David Curson, published by the Transport Ticket Society in 1996, and which was later available on the internet. This new and updated version is being maintained by Matt Davis and Stuart Johnson , to whom any amendments or additions should be notified. Illustrations kindly supplied by Roger Marks from his Rail Ticket Gallery.

The files are in Adobe .pdf format, and individual lists may be downloaded by right-clicking and selecting 'Save Target as...'. If preferred, the complete set of files may be downloaded in 'Zip' file format. The APTIS file is also available for download separately as a 'Zip' file in view of its size.


Introduction 15/09/2002
National Railways
(formerly British Rail)
  London Underground
Ticket Office and Portable Machines   Westinghouse Cubic
(UTS Prototype)
APTIS (Prototype) 31/10/2003   Westinghouse Cubic (UTS) 15/09/2002
APTIS 31/01/2004   Queuebuster 15/09/2002
APTIS 2000 31/10/2003   Croydon Tramlink
Avantix Mobile 24/02/2006   Schlumberger/Metric Accent 31/10/2003
Elgar 17/01/2003   Docklands Light Railway
Cubic FasTIS ?   Thorn EMI/Westinghouse Cubic/
Schlumberger/Almex AS-89
Fujitsu Star 13/07/2006      
INTIS 15/09/2002   Heathrow Express
PORTIS (Prototype) 06/10/2001   Westinghouse Cubic 15/09/2002
PORTIS/SPORTIS 06/03/2004   Metrolink (Manchester)
Shere Smart Terminal 13/07/2006   Thorn EMI 15/09/2002
SSTIS 06/10/2001   Midland Metro
TRIBUTE 09/02/2003   TLCS 15/09/2002
Passenger Operated
  South Yorkshire Supertram
Almex AS-8 31/08/2003   Abberfield Technology 06/10/2001
Almex AS-10 31/08/2003   Strathclyde Transport
Underground (Glasgow)
Almex AS88/AS89 31/08/2003   Westinghouse Cubic 24/02/2002
Almex Ticfak 4000-8 31/08/2003   Tyne & Wear PTE
Ascom B8050 31/08/2003   Crouzet/Ascom 06/10/2001
Ascom Easyticket 03/02/2004   Merry Hill Monorail
Autelca B8011/B8020/B100 31/08/2003   Westinghouse Cubic 31/08/2003
Avantix B8070 31/08/2003    
Crouzet (Strathclyde/BR) 31/08/2003    
Cubic 06/01/2004    
PERTIS 17/02/2004    
Pinpoint 15/09/2002    
POTIS (Prototype) 06/10/2001   Appendix
Scheidt & Bachmann Ticket Xpress 13/07/2006   National Location Codes (NLC) 17/01/2003
Shere FastTicket 13/07/2006   Stations with Dot suffix 15/09/2002

Complete set of lists (Zip file)
APTIS list (Zip file)

The date shown alongside each entry indicates when the file was last updated.
Please note that the 'zip' files may not contain all the latest versions of individual files.

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